On March 9, several pictures of Jiyeon titled “T-ara’s Jiyeon’s Eye Makeup” were posted on online community forums. These photos compare Jiyeon’s face before and after she put on a full makeup. In the “before” pictures, Jiyeon is looking rather plain and innocent looking. However, the lack of makeup makes her eyes look smaller and longer in width and reveals how close together her eyes are. 

On the contrary, Jiyeon looks sexy and charismatic in the “after” photos. Heavy eye makeup that features thickening eyeliner towards the outside and eyeshadows creates an illusion that her eyes are further apart from each other. This makeup transforms the shape and look of Jiyeon’s eyes as if she has undergone cosmetic surgical procedures. 

Netizens commented, “Which hair and makeup salon does she go to? I want to go there, too,” “A simple eyeliner technique makes Jiyeon look perfect,” “She’s a goddess with her makeup on,” “She looks like a completely different person with makeup on.”