T-ara was offered 2 billion won (roughly $2 million USD) from a famous Japanese publishing company that declined to reveal its brand name.

The Japanese publisher offered T-ara a large amount of money, showing that the publishing company was more than serious about getting a contract with T-ara.

The Japanese publishing company heard about T-ara’s plans of spending 8 nights and 9 days in Europe and submitted an offer to T-ara’s management company Core Contents Media for the rights to publish a photobook, a calendar as well as a two hour DVD.

They got in touch with the Japanese branch of Core Contents Media and offered a maximum amount of money of 150 million Yen (~2 billion Won) to release the calendar, photobook and DVD.

T-ara stated after hearing about it, “We are not that talented. If you look at the pictures and videos we will take during our 8 nights and 9 days trip in Italy, Swiss and Austria and that you are satisfied with the result, please come to a decision then [if you still want to work with us.]”

Meanwhile, the news of T-ara having contracted a travel insurance of 10 Million Won for their Europe trip attracted a lot of attention, as well.