As we reported before, T-ara left for their eight nights, nine days European backpacking trip where they would be penniless on April 10. They were accompanied by music video director Cha Eun Tek and photographer Jo Sae Hyun.

They revealed pictures from their “Freedom-One Day” clip. The pictures were taken with a funky and chic concept.

The T-ara members stated, “The members each directed poses and concepts that showed off their own charms. They are trying their best to make good clips and photos.”

Part 1 and now Part 2 clips of the “Freedom-One Day” clip have been released. Accompanying T-ara is a new 7 member girl group of Core Contents Media. The new girl group is comprised of members such as the actress Hwang Ji Hyun, Lee Hae In, Choi Soo Eun, and super model Kim Hye Ji