T-ara’s Hyomin, Jiyeon, and Eunjung shared selca pictures from their Europe trip.

On April 11, Jiyeon posted two selca pictures taken together with Hyomin on her Twitter with the caption, “It’s MinYeon.”

In the shared selca pictures, Jiyeon and Hyomin are putting their heads together and showed off a “Europe street” fashion style. Both of them are resting their hands on their chins while displaying a natural feel with their brown colored hair shining from Europe’s sunlight.

The first picture especially garnered interest for their cute kitten-like expression.

On the other hand, Eunjung uploaded one selca picture on her Twiter with the caption, “Wow. I was about to take a selca picture when the restaurant waiter just suddenly came in the picture. Click” on April 11.

In the picture, Eunjung is being shined by the bright sunlight in a restaurant. Just as she mentioned, a foreign man contributed to her selca picture by posing next to her. The singer decided to share the picture, thinking of the incident as a memory from her Europe trip.

Fans and netizens who saw Eunjung’s selca picture commented: “Puhahahaha there really are foreigners who come in and pose while you are taking pictures,” “There is a foreign smell from the picture,” and “Eunjung got prettier.”

In the meanwhile, T-ara left for a Europe trip for nine days on April 10. They will share their Europe trip live on Loen Entertainment’s official YouTube channel and continue to post on Twitter with a rookie girl group that went along the trip as well.