T-ara’s Soyeon showed her strong fighting spirit on stage. Local news agencies picked up a photo that recently circulated on the Internet through online community boards and social networking sites. Titled “T-ara Soyeon’s Fighting Spirit,” the photo showed the girl group member standing onstage despite an injury that required her to hold on to crutches.

The photo was taken at an event that T-ara attended at a university in Seoul on March 22. Soyeon joined all the T-ara members onstage despite an ankle injury. She held herself on crutches under her left hand, while holding a microphone in her right hand.

Netizens who have seen the photo commented, “You are not too sick to sing? Why not rest?” “Is this a sign that Soyeon is the main vocal of team?” “I see your great passion but it’s also a pity” and other such reactions.