T-ara’s Hyomin and Eunjung appeared to be like older women at an airport in Germany. On April 11, Hyomin revealed several photos through her Twitter and wrote, “While looking like older women who just went grocery shopping, we made the largest airport in the world, Frankfurt Airport, into a market.”

The picture shows Hyomin and Eunjung arriving at the airport with their carts filled with many bags. In one photo, they have their arms crossed looking like haughty women, while in another one, they are riding on the carts with a smile on their faces. They added more enjoyment to looking at the picture by calling themselves “older women.”

On April 10, T-ara left for their trip to Europe, where they are staying for eight nights and nine days. They are planning to document their travel and show it live through Loen Entertainment’s official YouTube channel. Also, along with the new girl group that went along with them, they will be continuously posting about their travels through their Twitter page.