It has been reported that T-ara is planning on donating their entire proceeds from “Roly Poly” promotions in light of the one year anniversary of the Japanese nuclear disaster in Fukushima.

Core Contents Media said on March 11, “In light of the one year anniversary of the Fukushima nuclear disaster, T-ara will be remembering the pain as well as giving back some of the enormous love that they received from Japanese fans. All proceeds from T-ara’s Japanese single, “Roly Poly” will be donated.”

They continued, “T-ara’s Japanese management accepted this with good thoughts and stated that they will try to portray T-ara’s good intentions to the public to their best ability.”

T-ara has been involved in various community outreaches such as subway greetings and other volunteer work. We can see their efforts to send out messages of gratitude to their fans.

Through this decision to donate all proceeds from “Roly Poly” for the Fukushima nuclear accident, T-ara has once again been named as the “representative gaenyum-dols,” which means that they are thoughtful and considerate.

The T-ara members said, “Our donation probably won’t be able to alleviate all of the damages and pain but we hope that it will be a small beacon of hope and aid.”

Meanwhile, T-ara had officially debuted in Japan on February 9 with their single, “Bo Peep Bo Peep” and even reached number one on the Oricon daily chart. Afterwards, their follow-up singles such as “Ya Ya Ya” and “Roly Poly” also reached high ranks on the music charts, which verified their growing popularity in Japan.