On March 14, rumors of T-ara possibly switching their members and the overall concept of the group have surfaced online. The group added Hwayoung in November 2010, becoming a seven member group, and this would be the second time that T-ara made changes to their group structure.

“It is true that we are planning to make big changes to our group in April in order to take T-ara up another level. This change could of course possible include member and overall concept changes,” Kim Kwang Soo, the head of Core Contents Media, told Star News.

“We will make the official announcement regarding T-ara’s change on April 7. It could be an upgrade in the overall concept, musical style, or member change. We are doing our best to bring positive change to the group,” he added.

Since their debut in 2009, T-ara has quickly become one of the most popular girl groups in K-Pop. They released consecutive hit singles, including “Roly Poly,” “Cry Cry,” and “Lovey Dovey,” to name a few, and even reached the top spot on Japan’s Oricon chart.