T-ara is giving a shot once more at a retro concept.

On July 19th, T-ara’s agency Core Contents Media stated that T-ara would be releasing a new single which would be a remake of Na Mi’s hit song from the 80s, “Bing Geul Bing Geul.” T-ara’s new song will try to keep the bright and fresh aspects of the song while giving it a more modern feel.

On July 1st, T-ara had released the song “Roly Poly” and currently they are heading retro concepts. The group will have their first Japanese single in September, and start their entrance into the Japanese music industry.

Also, today there was big news regarding T-ara’s Hyomin. T-ara’s Hyomin fainted in the van on her way to an interview and has been rushed to the hospital, local media reported moments ago. “Hyomin filmed MBC drama ‘Gyebaek’ in the province early morning today, and was on her way to do an interview for her new movie ‘Gisaeng Ryung’ in Seoul, before she fainted in the car,” her representative said.

Source: Star News