As reported earlier this week, T-ara will undergo major changes to their overall structure by next month. On March 15, Kim Kwang Soo, the head of T-ara’s agency, Core Contents Media, gave a more specific answer regarding the group’s future.

He said there will indeed be drastic changes to the group’s concept, including the total number of members. Currently, he’s thinking of having up to nine members in the group, with the possibility of perhaps changing some of the members, as well.

“Based on my 30 year experience training and developing a singer, most artists get complacent and arrogant when they hit their third year. If you lose the tension and work with an easy going mind, you’ll never win the competition. I’ve seen so many singers lose it after turning arrogant. If any member doesn’t work hard and shows no singing skills, I will not give any singing parts,” Kim Kwang Soo told Herald Media.

He added that the changes will be announced on April 7. It’s still unclear as to how exactly he will change the group’s concept or its members, but there’s no question we won’t be seeing the same T-ara come April.