Girl group T-ara’s Eunjung showed off her shining beauty despite the cold weather.

On April 17, Eunjung shared three selca pictures on her Twitter with the caption, “Standing on top of a snow field.”

In the shared selca pictures, the singer is looking at the camera with a haughty expression. It is obvious that she is in a cold location with her pale face and snow falling on her face. Eunjung also displayed her stylish fashion sense with a cute fur jacket.

Netizens and fans who came across Eunjung’s snowy selca pictures commented: “Ham Eunjung is like a winter goddess,” “T-ara’s Eunjung looks so cold,” “It is spring in Korea but just looking at the pictures makes me cold,” “T-ara’s Eunjung looks like a sexy vampire,” “I guess T-ara is at Switzerland right now,” “Ham Eunjung still looks pretty in the cold,” and “Her beauty puts Switerzerland to shame.”

In the meanwhile, T-ara and a rookie girl group under Core Contents Media are on a Europe trip for a photo shoot.