T-ara’s Hyomin fainted in the van on her way to an interview and has been rushed to the hospital, local media reported moments ago. “Hyomin filmed MBC drama ‘Gyebaek’ in the province early morning today, and was on her way to do an interview for her new movie ‘Gisaeng Ryung’ in Seoul, before she fainted in the car,” her representative said.

“As soon as she went unconscious, she was rushed to a local hospital. After preliminary checkups, she has been sent to a hospital in Seoul,” the representative added. “We believe it’s her busy schedule, with T-ara’s new song, drama filming, and movie promotions, that caused today’s problem.”

Hyomin’s agency said they will focus on her recovery in the time being, and decide on her future schedule after her health gets better.

Hyomin has been extremely busy lately being involved in three major promotions. Her group T-ara’s new single “Roly Poly” is currently one of the most popular songs, while she’s been cast as one of the leading roles for upcoming historical drama, “Gyebaek.” Also, she’s busy promoting her new movie “Gisaeng Ryung,” where she plays the main role.

The busy schedule and overworking nature of K-Pop idols have been a controversial issue for quite some time now. It sparked major concerns last November when f(x)’s Krystal fainted on stage during a live performance (see video below).