T-ara’s Hyomin revealed more pictures of her filming MBC’s Mon-Tue drama “Gye Baek.” On the show she plays the role of Cho Young. Through the agency, pictures of Hyomin eating snacks were shown while studying her script.

Hyomin stated, “As I am part of a girl group I need to take care of my body shape while filming, however in order to play the role of Cho Young I think it’s more important that I look out for my stamina. Cho Young is a character that is good at martial arts and horse riding. Therefore she needs a lot of energy.”

She continued, “Because of the filming of Gye Baek and also my busy schedule it’s been over a month since I’ve ate at home. I want to have food that is cooked by my mother.”

She also remembered to be thankful to viewers, “I gain a lot of energy through the cheering of viewers.”

Currently, T-ara is preparing for their Japanese debut which will be in September 2nd with the Japanese version of “Bo Peep Bo Peep.”