T-ara’s Hyomin who has transformed into an actress, is now completely engrossed in Korean traditional dramas. Through her twitter on August 22nd she wrote, “Euija and Cho Young, why did we wear straw hats?

(Now before you tell me that those aren’t really straw hats, I know they aren’t… but they are shaped like straw hats and that’s pretty much the only term in the English language that can be used to describe them de09

Netizens have stated, “You look good in your outfit,” “your expressions are cute,” “I’m curious what the reason is. Is this an assassin concept?” “Drama filming fighting.”

The two appear on the MBC Mon-Tue drama “Gye Baek.” Hyomin appears on the drama for the role of Cho Young.

Check out the preview for the next upcoming episode below: