T-ara’s Hyomin will try her hand at a historical drama when she appears in “Gyebaek” as Cho Young, variously described as the friend of Eun Go or the wife of Gyebaek (no clue as to whether either of these descriptions are correct).  However, the first set of photos of Hyomin in costume have been released, and they provide a clue to the type of character she will play.  Cho Young’s character is said to be a tough, strong woman who excels at horseriding and fighting, and Hyomin, wielding a sword and wearing pants, looks as if she fits the role perfectly.  This is a real change for fans who are accustomed to seeing Hyomin in T-ara’s girly getups, but they are really anticipating her appearance!

“Gyebaek” premiered on MBC on July 25.  Ratings have been increasing steadily with each episode, and it may take the number-one spot very soon.  If so, it will coincide nicely with Hyomin’s debut on the show, as her first episode is set to air on August 16.