T-ara’s Hyomin revealed two selcas to the public.

Hyomin updated her Twitter account saying, “Japanese single album “Roly Poly” ~ live broadcast in two hours!!” Following her post she uploaded the two photographs.

The photos were taken before T-ara’s live Japanese appearance. The pictures show a before-and-after look. Hyomin is seen setting her hair and applying her make-up. She was dressed in a colorful retro outfit topped off with a scarf which was well suited for the “Roly Poly” promotions. Hyomin’s bright, attractive smile in front of the camera caught the attention of the public.

Soon after netizens reacted to the photos she took of herself with comments such as: “Hyomin is getting prettier,” “Roly Poly is sure to be an instant hit! Wish you the best in Japan,” “Soon you will take the stage? Fighting,” and “Oh, I care about you Hyomin like you were my sister.”

Hyomin along with her fellow members of T-ara are currently to promoting in Japan.

What are your opinion of her selcas?