T-ara’s Hyomin has revealed her diet regime. On April 17, Hyomin tweeted a picture of her meal with the caption, “My extravagant meal – there is a sweet potato shaped like a heart!“

Hyomin`s use of the word, “extravagant or luxurious” to describe her meal seems mismatched. Her meal consisted of sweet potatoes, carrots, cucumbers, and boiled cabbage.  Many have commented that the humble meal barely deserves to be called, “luxurious.” Netizens commented on her meal saying, “Gosh – how can she live on a meal like that,” and, “I guess not everyone can get a body like Hyomin’s.” It is true that it might require a strong will and discipline to achieve Hyomin’s svelte figure. Hyomin’s figure, however, was on the radar last year when netizens noticed her frail body in a picture she posted online.

Girl group SISTAR`s Dasom also revealed her diet on April 16 via Twitter. She recently lost about 15 lbs by sticking to her diet regime.  The tweeted picture shows her meal which consists of cucumbers, cherry tomatoes and other fruits and vegetables.

The diet regime of the two singers seems very similar, with maybe portion size being the only slight difference. Dasom`s portions seem a little more generous, while Hyomin`s portions look similar to what one might enjoy as an appetizer. 

Hyomin’s meal:

Hyomin's Diet Regime

Hyomin last year sparking concerns:

T-ara Hyomin

SISTAR’s Dasom with her diet regime:

SISTAR's Dasom