On November 19, an online blogging site released a photo of T-ara’s Jiyeon and f(x)’s Victoria both posing for a school uniform advertisement. Entitled “Jiyeon, Victoria as Uniform Models,” the two idols can be seen in different variations of school uniforms, giving off a cute, youthful air in their various poses.

In the displayed advertisement, Jiyeon and Victoria exhibit faces that have quite not matured and without makeup, but full of youth and exuberance. Jiyeon’s hairstyle is absent of bangs and has her hair passing down her shoulders of her school uniform, giving her a true teenage look. Victoria’s wavy hair adds elegance to her uniform and her unchanging smile truly shines in this picture.

Comments of netizens span from “Victoria seems to look better in past pictures like this one,” to “I don’t know if it’s because the picture is old, but both girls seem to look tacky,” and “I can’t tell who the better looking one is.”