T-ara’s Jiyeon will take a break from group activities until her knee injury has fully healed. Last August 25th, Jiyeon injured her right knee during dance practice. She is ready to take a break for her injury to recover but prior to that, she joined in the pre-recording of the group’s last performance of “Roly Poly” for Inkigayo on August 28th.

Core Contents Media, T-ara’s agency, stated, “T-ara was ending their ‘Roly-Poly’ activities on the recent episode of Inkigayo and would have Hyomin missing due to the filming for the MBC drama ‘Gyebaek’. We encouraged Jiyeon to rest and miss out on the performance too, but she had a strong commitment to finish promotions with the other members.”

They added, “Jiyeon was at the hospital before the pre-recording and was on a strong painkiller medicine. She was compelled to go to the recording with a cast on her knee, even though she knew she would experience pain, and then immediately back to the hospital after recording. She has had a cast on for a few days and is mostly relaxing, trying to keep watch on the progress. The pain is so severe for Jiyeon that she will no longer be able to participate in the 4~5 Chuseok programs that she was planning to take part in.”

T-ara recently ended activities for Roly Poly and is getting for their Japanese debut this September.

Source: Tiaradiadem.com