T-ara’s Jiyeon and IU are both the same age as they were born in the year 1993. The two are very close and currently, most of the people born in 1993 are applying for college in South Korea.

According to representative of T-ara’s agency on August 24th, “Jiyeon will apply for the 2012 admissions. Jiyeon will apply for a college that will be a good fit with her talents.”

In September, T-ara will begin their official debut for Japan. Now on the other hand, IU will not apply for college.

IU’s agency stated, “As we have already stated before, IU will not apply for College this year. We don’t know what will happen after this year, but IU decided that she would like to focus on music as of now.

IU is currently focused on her new official album that will be released in October.