T-ara members Soyeon and Eunjung talked briefly about the frightening incident that they went through in middle school.

On the past airing of  “Hello Korean Talk Show,” T-ara members, Qri, Soyeon, Eunjung, and Jiyeon were featured.

In this episode, the members heard about one woman’s problem of repeatedly being harrassed by perverted men. When Soyeon heard her story, she said, “I also saw a pervert! In middle school, when I was going home, there was this luxurious car out on the streets.” She continued on with, “I was walking past the car, and a suspicious guy in a nice suit said, ‘Do you know this middle school is at?”

After I explained to him about my middle school, he continued on with saying, ‘Oh, I haven’t heard about that middle school..?’ I was listening to him talk, and I accidentally saw something mentally scarring… HE WASN’T WEARING ANYTHING other than his suit shirt!… Then, my muscles felt really weak and I couldn’t see anything for a second, so I just walked back not knowing what to do in that state… “

Eunjung continued with, “I was playing at my elementary playground, and there were normal looking old men. I didn’t really suspect them. All of a sudden, they came to me and just pulled down my pants so I was extremely shocked.”