On February 8, a source from TV Chosun’s reality dating show “Taste of Dating” (literal title) spoke with Sports DongA to share an update on Kim Jong Min and Hwang Mi Na.

Kim Jong Min and Hwang Mi Na last appeared on the show when they left for Jeju Island to watch the sunrise on the first day of the New Year in the January 10 episode. Since then, they have been absent from the show, leading people to share their thoughts on online communities. Some people have been speculating that the couple has broken up, while others have said it’s possible their air time has decreased with the addition of new couples such as Ko Joo Won and Kim Bo Mi.

A source from the show said, “Kim Jong Min and Hwang Mi Na’s footage is scheduled to air this month.” They did not specifically address whether the couple had broken up or was departing the show.

“Taste of Dating” is a show where single celebrities date partners that fit their ideal types for 100 days. Kim Jong Min and Hwang Mi Na received lots of attention since their first episode when they were matched as a couple on the show in September 2018. After finishing the first 100 days of their “dating contract,” they decided to date publicly for a year in real life. It’s now up to Kim Jong Min and Hwang Mi Na if they want to continue their relationship.

“Taste of Dating” airs on Thursdays at 11 p.m. KST.

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