A teaser poster for Kim Yoon Seok and Kang Dong Won’s “The Priests,” which opens in theaters on November 5, has been revealed.

“The Priests” tells the story of two priests who try and solve a mystery in order to save a girl facing danger. Fans are eager to see how Kim Yoon Seok, one of Korea’s most talented actors, and Kang Dong Won, one of the film industry’s biggest stars, would work together in a movie with such a unique subject. This will be their second time as co-stars since the movie “Woochi.”

In the teaser poster revealed on September 18, Kim Yoon Seok and Kang Dong Won are dressed as priests in black roman collar robes.

Kim Yoon Seok plays the role of the noble Priest Kim, who attempts to save a young girl despite the endless suspicion and rejections she receives. In the poster, he is holding a prayer book with a solemn expression. Kang Dong Won plays the role of Deacon Choi, who helps Priest Kim, but has his own suspicions of the case. As he stands next to Kim Yoon Seok, he can be seen carrying an incense burner with an anxious look on his face.

The tagline “We’re ready to travel to the most dangerous place,” heightens the sense of challenge the two will be experiencing while trying to solve the mystery. Fans are excited to see how Kim Yoon Seok will once again wow the crowd like he has through his characters in movies like “The Thieves,” “Tazza,” and “The Yellow Sea,” while Kang Dong Won will once again broaden his acting spectrum.

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