Looks like “The Princess’s Man” is really going for the epic romance angle, which is fitting given the whole Romeo & Juliet premise that the story’s built upon, starring Park Shi Hoo (Queen of Reversals) and Moon Chae Won (It’s Okay, Daddy’s Girl) as the Joseon-era version of the star-crossed lovers.

Here are two teasers and more stills from the KBS “premium sageuk” set to premiere in just a week and a half. It definitely looks pretty, that’s for sure. The first clip introduces the lovers-from-rival-families angle (in this case, their fathers are political rivals), while the second introduces the characters in a little more detail.

Playing second lead as another princess is Hong Soo Hyun (Lie To Me), Moon Chae Won’s haughty cousin, who glares with jealousy upon catching wind of the burgeoning romance.Song Jong Ho (Will It Snow For Christmas), whom you can barely catch a glimpse of in the second preview, plays our hero’s friendly rival. I wonder how friendly that relationship will remain once the rivalry heats up.

The Princess’s Man replaces Romance Town and premieres on July 20.



Via NTN SeoulFN News

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