On August 9, Teen Top sent a message of encouragement to the athletes on the South Korean Olympic team through their me2day. On this day, they revealed a photo of themselves in their uniforms while cheering on the Korean team. Niel can be seen holding a towel that says “Korea Fighting!” and right next to him, Chunji is holding the South Korean flag. Changjo and L.Joe have their hands tight in a fist like they are saying “Fighting!”

Along with the picture, they wrote, “A surprising truth that in our country’s events, which continues today after eight, are all women athletes. Teen Top cheers for South Korean Olympic athletes’ fight!!! Fighting!!!” They gave words full of encouragement.

Netizens who saw the photo said, “South Korea fighting. Teen Top fighting,” “Teen Top cheers on even though they are busy. Appoint them as the promoters for the Olympics,” and “Ah, today is when the women athletes’ events stand out.”

Meanwhile, Teen Top is continually promoting their title song, “Be Ma Girl,” which has been on the charts ever since its release.