Teen Top just released their second music video teaser for their fans, and the anticipation for their comeback album is just increasing more and more!

TOP Media recently announced that Teen Top would be making a comeback with a mini-album called “Roman” along with several unique teaser photoes. Thereafter, Teen Top released their first music video teaser for an R&B version of one of their newest songs “Don’t Spray Perfume” yesterday.

Teen Top’s last promotion was for their hit song “Supa Luv.” At the time of its release, “Supa Luv” was trending on Twitter worldwide due to its global popularity. It looks like fans are going to love “Don’t Spray Perfume,” as well! Interestingly, the music video teaser seems to have have no connection whatsoever to the shocking teaser photos released a few days. What the boys are planning is still in question, but it looks good so far! 

Check out the second teaser below!

cr: YT @TeenzOnTop