After a busy and mysterious week full of teasers, fans of Teen Top no longer need to speculate about the group’s latest project as the album was released today.

Just a few months ago their single “Supa Luv” rocked the music scene.  Now the youthful group is back with their brand new mini-album entitled, “Roman” that is now available for purchase. Last week Teen Top had revealed a shocking photo of the members clad in boxer shorts and high heels followed by two different music video teasers for the album’s title track, “Don’t Spray Perfume”. 

Fans can expect the music video for the R&B style song, “Don’t Spray Perfume” to be out soon as well to kick off the group’s promotions, be sure to look out for it in the coming days.

The track-list for “Roman” is made up of five brand new tracks by Teen Top along with a bonus instrumental version of the title “Don’t Spray Perfume”, bringing the total up to six songs.  Be sure to check out the teasers for “Don’t Spray Perfume” if you happened to miss them or perhaps to listen to and watch while you wait for your own copy to arrive. 

For those of you lucky enough to have purchased it already what do you think of the boys’ comeback album?