Just yesterday, Teen Top released their first mini-album “Roman”.  Not long ago the music video for the group’s title track “Don’t Wear Perfume” has been uploaded for all to see.  The song is still as great and addicting as ever. It is Teen Top after all but the video is nothing like their last concept for “Supa Luv.”  It is definitely a refreshing look for the guys as they reveal their clean, masculine, mature style in it.   A special guest appearance was made by the flawless actress Park Si Yeon (known for her recent appearance on “Family Outing” as well as her role in the drama “Coffee House”) as member Chunji‘s girlfriend.  It is still unknown as to what the first concept teasers for “Roman” were, but it seems as though they were a little inside joke as the actual concept is the complete opposite! 

Enough talk, be sure to check out this great track and video by Teen Top!


What is your take on the music video, the song, concept, etc?

Source: Teenz on TOP