Ricky from Teen Top attended the year opening convocation at his high school in a yellow school uniform. On March 2, Ricky posted on his me2day, “Today’s the first day of school. New school year, new semester, new beginning. It’s exciting to go back to school.” He posted a picture of himself along with the post.

In the posted photo, Ricky is wearing a bright yellow school uniform blazer and staring right at the camera. On the left side of his chest is a name tag with Ricky’s real name, Yoo Chang Hyun. Ricky is a junior at Seoul School of Performing Arts.  

Netizens commented, “How was school, Chang Hyun?” “It’s new and different to see Ricky in school uniform after only seeing him in Teen Top’s performance outfits,” and “The yellow school uniform blazer looks so good on him. It’s like he popped out from a school uniform advertisement.”