Teen Top reveals their latest hairstyle which caught the attention of fans. The group unveiled their colorful hairstyles, which were reminiscent of a traffic light, through their Me2Day.

A photo of members Changjo, Chunji, and Ricky were posted showing off their new looks. Yet, only the back of their heads Were visible. Fellow member Niel wrote, “Changjo, Chunji Hyung, and Ricky something came to mind when I saw their hair color. hehe. Any ideas? Hint! They have to do with driving. hehehe.”

Netizens who saw the image commented, “The answer seems to be the traffic lights. From now on I will Think of Teen Top when I cross the street,” “Their hair has never been more colorful. Now it is easy to tell who is who,” and “Creative boy their heads reminded Niel of the traffic signal lights.”

Recently, it was revealed that the group will be releasing a new single entitled, “Be Ma Girl” on August 3. So far they have released the album jacket for the single and two teasers. On the album jacket the boys appear to be wearing suits.

What are your thoughts on the boys new hairdos?