You got that Supa luv?

I guess I can pass it on after coming back from the Teen Top Fan-signing  at Hot Tracks! Arriving promptly a few minutes before the starting time of 6pm, I patiently wait by the counter table where the signing was taken place.

Silly of me, I was supposed to go around to get in line, but not to worry, because I had a photo opportunity before fan girls crowded the way. After taking  a few snapshots, I proceeded in line and waited for 30 minutes until I got to meet Teen Top. Because a few fan girls had 2 Cds, there were about 180 people in line rather than the expected 200. 

First person I met was Niel. I said, “Annyoung Haseo, Whats up bro?!” And then told him I enjoyed yesterdays Music Core performance. He said, “You’re Danny?” Why yes, I am. 

The fan club structured the line so we had to go around an obstacle to get to the rest of the group so I took another opp to snap a few pics. I then introduced myself to the others and told them I thought their stage dancing was great on Music Core and I like their new song. They all were very nice and smiled back saying thank you multiple times.  

To confirm I was the only guy there, here’s a quote.
Quote: (Pointing at me). Wahhhh, Namja!! -shouting of several fan-girls sitting on the ground. 
Me: Why, yes I am. “checks.” 
Girl: You like Teen top?
Me: Yes, in fact I do! 
Girl:  Where are you from?
Me: I’m from LA
Girl: Who do you like? 
Me: Niel and CAP.  
Girls: Yay, de00 (smiles, giggling and clapping)  

 I’ll leave you with my pictures for you to view and I’ll upload the rest into the Teen Top forum. I know, you wish you were here in Seoul.  

NOTE: Other fan meets I’ve been to do not allow pictures and are incredibly chaotic. In this case, every girl brought their DSLR’s and wasn’t too pushy. 

OH, right.