Teen Top has released the second teaser for the upcoming single “Be Ma Girl.”

Not long ago, the group’s latest teaser was uploaded to the Teen Top official You Tube channel. In it fans get a sense of what their new single will sound like.

Once again Teen Top is working with Brave Brothers for their new song. The track has a very different feel from their previous title song, “To You.” It is more of an up-tempo, dance tune, with a strong underlying beat, which fits the party vibe of summer. At first the members are just dancing silhouettes in a brightly lit room. But toward the end viewers are able to see individual clips of each member as they bust a move in colorfully lit areas.

The full single for “Be Ma Girl” will be available for download and purchase on August 3.

Be sure to take a look at the teaser below. What are your thoughts on Teen Top’s new look and track?