Teen Top’s Chunji shared a selca of himself in bunny ears.

On March 5, Chunji revealed this selca he took in light of his first recording as the MC of “Exploration of Genders,” which is a new corner on MBC‘s “Our Sunday Night.” The selca was posted on both Teen Top’s Twitter and me2day accounts.

In the revealed photo, Chunji is sporting a pink bunny ear headband and making a cute pose. He wrote, “Today is the first recording~ I’m still half nervous, half excited but I will try my best to be outgoing and forward during the recording. Please look out for me!”

He made another post saying, “I’m in the middle of recording ‘Exploration of Genders’~ What kind of experience will we go through today? I am doing my best with a trembling heart so please cheer me on!”

Netizens who came across this commented, “I can’t wait for Chunji’s new transformation,” and “After seeing you transform into a bunny, I can’t wait for Sunday to come.”

“Exploration of Genders” will be a new corner where celebrities switch genders and see what kind of experience it gives them. Celebrities such as Jung Joon Ha, Oh Man Suk, Jung Sun Hee, Shin Bong Sun and more are expected to appear. The first episode will air on March 11.