On the third episode of the MBC program “True Justice” set to air on January 1, 2015, Teen Top member Niel, who’s also one of the show’s hosts, has shown how determined he is to keep the surroundings clean.

On the episode slated to air on January 1, Niel went as far as disguising himself to catch the people who are littering.

In the trailer for the third episode, Niel, Kim Gu Ra, and Kang Chul Woong are in one team. The three thought of brilliant ways to catch the people littering fast.

During the episode’s taping, Niel personally invited people through his social networking site: “Please come to the entrance of the street in Hongdae. I’ll sign for you. In exchange of ten trash. It’s cold but please come. What are you doing, please come. Dress up and come quick! It’s okay even if you’re bare-faced. Come and give me trash and I’ll give you my signature… there’s also good-looking hyungs here. Don’t hesitate, there’s no time.”

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