Male idol group Teen Top showed off their unique fashion sense.

Recently on an online community site, pictures of Teen Top from at the airport have been posted. These photos were taken when the members were departing for Thailand to participate in the 2012 MBC Korea Music Wave in Bangkok. 

In the picture, Ricky is seen wearing black jeans and a military field jacket while L.Joe is wearing a baseball jumper and a beanie along with sunglasses. He showed off a casual and comfortable look that seemed perfect for a short duration flight. 

ChangJo also showed off his sharp fashion sense through layering. He wore a short-sleeved hoodie t-shirt inside his black jacket.

In addition, fans were thrilled to see that the members were personally looking after their fan letters and presents. 

Teen Top will perform at the 2012 MBC Korea Music Wave in Bangkok on April 7th along with other artists such as TVXQ, Girls’ Generation, and 2PM