A teenager from the popular Korean message board “Ilbe” has been indicted by police for editing and posting pictures of Suzy that have been deemed to be sexual demeaning. It is even more surprising to hear that the culprit in question is just a 16-year-old.

Seoul Gangnam Police have stated that they have indicted 16-year-old Jo” for posting sexually demeaning pictures of Suzy on the Ilbe message boards. The pictures in question involved ex-President Noh Moo Hyun, JYP representative Park Jin Young and Suzy, and contained pictures of Suzy and Park Jin Young’s faces edited on to the bodies of a cat and dog in sexual positions. 

Another person, aged 25, was also in line to be charged for posting pictures on Ilbe that depicted himself in sexual positions with an life size advertising cut out of Suzy. However, JYP Entertainment has dismissed his charges after he personally went to the agency and begged for forgiveness after the his initial police investigations. 

A police representative has stated that “What Mr. Jo has done is too severe to be given favourable conditions just because of his young age” and that they will “Forward the case to the prosecution’s office to be prosecuted.”

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