Sistar’s Bora’s skin has recently been revealed and it’s drawing attention from the public. Knowing how fast information spreads, especially in the entertainment world, it won’t be long before a cosmetics company signs her on as the main endorser for their brand.

She recently appeared as a guest on medical variety program “Vitamin” with teammate Soyu and other celebrities. This episode, which was aired on July 3, covered the topic of people’s skin health.

After receiving tests for her skin’s condition by different factors including moisture, elasticity, natural oils, it was confirmed that her skin has the age of a teenager to the surprise of everyone in the studio.

A dermatology professor commented, “Bora, who is in her early twenties, will be able to model for a teenager cosmetics brand with no problem. If she consistently puts on sunblock, she’ll be able to keep [her youthful skin].”

Bora shared, “I got great skin from my parents. I don’t do anything special in my daily routine, but I always remember to cleanse before I go to sleep.”

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