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Oh Young: Don’t Go! Talk with me! Oppa, don’t go!
Oh Soo: Today’s the day that I abandoned you. Even if you don’t get to see, don’t forget it. I abandoned you.
Shim Joong Tae:
I looked at it closely, and it looks like his old face is still there.
Jo Moo Chul: Let’s cut five days….for the price of letting my sister treat Young.
Park Jin Sung: If you’re going to kill hyung, kill me too. Kill me too!
Oh Soo: Remember this time with Young, so that when Moo Chul hyung’s knife pierces me, I won’t feel that it was for nothing.
Lawyer Jang: We should kick Oh Soo out of this house today…
Oh Soo: Just please check the pictures again…
Dr. Joo: There’s no hope for her. Let her enjoy the time she has left.

“That Winter, The Wind Blows” marks Song Hye Gyo and Jo In Sung’s comeback to the small screen. The melodrama is about a man and woman who don’t believe in love. Song Hye Kyo takes on the role of Oh Young, the sole heiress to a giant conglomerate. She lost both her parents and her eyesight, making her extremely self-protecting and lonely. Jo In Sung plays Oh Soo, a playboy and a gambler who lives a meaningless life. In order to pay off a huge debt, he pretends to be Oh Young’s(Song Hye Gyo) lost brother, who coincidentally shares the same name as him. While he approaches her for money, he ends up falling in love with her.

“That Winter, The Wind Blows” will air its eleventh  episode tonight, March 14, at 9:55PM KST.