That Woman

Shim Hye-Jin, Jeong Seong-Hwan, Oh Yoon-Ah, Jang Dong-Jik
Directed by:
Lee Hyeon-Jik (Punch, Excursion)
Produced by:
Kim Young-Seop, Bae Tae-Seop, Kim Young
Written by:
So Hyeon-Kyeong
Dates Airing:
December 19, 2005 – February 17, 2006
Time Airing:
Fridays 8:55 PM Korea. 60 minutes per episode, 2 episodes per night
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Cast Details

Yoon Ji-soo (age 36-38)
Actress: Shim Hye-jin (Hello Francesca, Goong)
She has 1 daughter from her 12-year marriage to Jeong Jae-min.
She was a devoted wife and mother who thought she would spend her life as a homemaker taking care of her family..
and even though her husband seemed to be disinterested in sleeping with her she didn’t realize he was having an affair..
Until one day the unimaginable happens…

Jeong Jae-min (age 38-40)
Actor: Jang Dong-jik (Life in Rose Color)
Ji-soo’s husband. Korean literature professor.
While he was in gradschool he received a lot of help from Ji-soo and her family…
and to please his father who thought Ji-soo was a good daughter-in-law material, he married Ji-soo.
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Oh Se-jeong (age 31-33)
Actress: Oh Yoon-ah
Party planner. Pretty and sexy.
Experienced with men. Not afraid to say good-bye to old love when a new love knocks on her door.

Goo Do-yeon (age 34-36)
Actor: Jeong Seong-hwan (Emperor of the Sea, Romance)
Cable tv broadcast producer/director.
His parents run a high-end furniture shop in Gang-nam district and he has a younger sister.
However he doesn’t feel obliged to fulfil his filial role as the eldest son.
Instead he takes pictures as a hobby and he especially loves the wild outdoors.
Ji-soo’s innocent image tugs at his heart.. but she rejects him… saying she doesn’t need him.

This story challenges the definition of love. What is love? How does it change? Is There there more than onekind of love? Ji-soo and Jae-min have been married for 13 years and they have a 12 year old daughter together. While Jae-min is busy establishing his career as a professor, Ji-soo takes care of him and the family by making sure that the house is clean and well-decorated, and the food excellent. However, on their 13th anniversary something happens to rock Ji-soo’s world.
What follows that day is a series of discoveries Ji-soo must make to understand what kind of life she’s really lived and who she’s really married to. While she’s admits these shocking revelations she meets Do-yeon but she’s not ready to accept him. Their fate, however, continues in a most surprising way 2 years later….

Aside from Shim Hye-jin, who is famous from her previous leading roles in art house films, the cast mainly consists of unfamiliar names. Each character is well delivered, except for maybe Jeong Seong-hwan, whose portrayal of Do-yeon is a bit ackward and forced at times. Having said that the actor more than makes up for this with his sweet bubbly charms.
Oh Yoon-ah is especially convincing as the sexy self-centered mistress who reaps what she sows. The story starts out predictable but you will soon be addicted and thrilled by its speedy pace and twists. The story deals with more mature content and like all friday night dramas from SBS, this drama is more suitable for adults.

Rating: 9

image source: SBS
edited by: saharial