As K-Pop fans, many of us will be familiar with the legendary idol group Shinhwa and their long running history as a K-Pop boy band. A writer for the news magazine “The Atlantic” also took note of their success and wrote an article on how the American “boy” band Backstreet Boys should take a page from Shinhwa’s book.

For those of you unfamiliar with American pop, Backstreet Boys was one of the most popular boy bands of the nineties. The group will be celebrating their 2oth anniversary as a group very soon. Although the group was extremely popular in their prime, the veteran pop group has had trouble these days keeping up with the many contemporary American music acts, according to “The Atlantic” writer. She suggests that the Backstreet Boys imitate the model set by their Korean equivalent, Shinhwa.

The article is surprisingly very familiar with Shinhwa, even offering video links to subbed skits on Saturday Night Live Korea and bringing up their variety show “Shinhwa Broadcast.” The author argues that Shinhwa has managed to compete with younger groups and maintain their popularity by embracing their age and experience while keeping up with the trends. 

You can read the full article here

What do you think, readers? Should and can the Backstreet Boys model themselves after Shinhwa?