Following the popular rankings of girl groups by average height, a new chart, recording the average weight of boy groups, has attracted a lot of attention among netizens. The bar graph ranked the boy bands’ average weight from lightest to heaviest. Teen Top was the lightest with 55.1kg (121.5lbs), while 2PM took home the title as the heaviest boy group with 69.1kg (152.3lbs).

The boy groups were ranked in five different categories with amusing labels: Why Do I Live, No Words Needed, A Not So Average Average, The Real Average, and Height and Weight Are Proportional.

Many female netizens were shocked to see that some of their favorite male idols weighed approximately the same as they do. In fact, Teen Top, SHINee, Infinite, ZE:A, Twilight, and FT Island weighed under 60kg (132.3 pounds).

Netizens commented, “Teen Top and I weigh about the same…how sad,” “Oh my, they weigh less than I do! Please take some of my weight,” “I want to cry,” and more.