Protect the Boss” will be filling in the time slot for SBS and will have its first episode on August 3rd. The previous one had been the highly popular “City Hunter.” Jisung and Choi Kang Hee are the main characters of “Protect the Boss” but it had not created a lot of buzz. However, after a press conference where a clip of the show was shown, the reception is beginning to change.

The characters are very interesting. The main characters are the boss and his secretary. The secretary however is only good at one thing: fighting. The boss is also interesting because this drama breaks the mold of typical Korean “Rich elites.” Instead, the boss here is an elite and rich individual however he has a very cheap personality.

Representatives of SBS that have watched the show are commenting that the drama is surprisingly good. The Korean media is now intrigued as to whether the first episode will be a success or not.

Of course, Soompi members are excited about this drama because it’s the acting comeback of JYJ’s Jaejoong. Let us know what you think of the show!