Local news source The Fact is reporting that an K-Pop idol is currently under suspicion of using drugs.

On June 26 KST, The Fact reports that the Prosecution Office is currently investigating several idol group members under suspicion of using cocaine with Mr. A, who was arrested (without warrant- an emergency warrant) by the Seoul District Public Prosecutors’ Office on June 22 at the Incheon International Airport for suspicion of cocaine use. Mr. A (32) is described as a concert staff member for a large entertainment agency. The Prosecutors’ Office submitted an arrest warrant after Mr. A tested positive for drugs.

The Fact states that according to industry insiders, a top-level Hallyu star and singer, whose name anyone will recognize, has been put high on the list of suspects and is being internally investigated. The prosecution is also looking into other industry personnel and celebrities who are suspected of using cocaine with the singer and Mr. A.

According to Mr. A’s testimony, the top-level singer is a singer in the large entertainment agency he worked for. He and the singer, along with acquaintances, often went to secret locations and work studios to avoid people’s eyes and used cocaine together.

An industry insider told The Fact that there is rumor going around that a singer from a large entertainment agency will be the next to be investigated, which is “making the atmosphere in the industry very icy.”

Screen capture of The Fact news article

Screen capture of The Fact news article

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