Lee Hyori will reveal her new house for the very first time on the first episode of Onstyle’s “Golden 12,” which will air on April 5.

Living together with three cats and four dogs, Lee Hyori is living in a very natural environment, which differs very much from her previous living situation.

The first picture already gathered much attention from netizens, which shows one side of the wall covered with books. In front of the books is a big sofa where her famous dog “Sam Sooni” is resting.

This episode will also show how Lee Hyori manages to persuade her friend Jung Jae Hyung in less than ten seconds to help with her charity event. She calls Jae Hyung and says, “I am doing this program and I will prepare a charity bazaar, you should help oppa. I will come over to your house,” on which Jae Hyung replies, “Okay! Will $10.000 be enough?”

“Golden 12” will air 12 episodes over 12 weeks and each episode will reveal a new piece of Hyori’s daily life. The first episode will air on April 5, 11PM (KST).