S.M. Entertainment will be releasing a teaser of The GRACE-DANA&SUNDAY’s digital single “One More Chance” tomorrow. Fans will be able to view the teaser through SMTOWN’s facebook page, as well as their YouTube channel.

The talented duo, originally part of a girl group called, CSJH The Grace, will be making a comeback as “The GRACE-DANA&SUNDAY.” The two girls, Dana and Sunday, will be debuting together with their single “Once More Chance.”

CSJH The Grace has been working on Japanese promotions and individual activities since 2009, and a comeback has been highly anticipated. Both Dana and Sunday have been performing in a variety of musicals, and in Sunday’s case, appearing on “tvN Opera Star 2011.” The news of the teaser has caused curiosity and excitement amongst fans, who wonder just what the duo’s new music will sound like and how they will perform.

“Once More Chance” will be released July 11th; however, The GRACE-DANA&SUNDAY will also be performing the single on KBS Music Bank July 8th.

Source: SMTOWN