Upcoming MBC drama “The King 2Hearts” revealed candid friendly pictures of Lee Seung Gi and Ha Ji Won from the filming set. The revealed photos show lively, friendly, and familial atmosphere of the filming sets. Lee Seung Gi and Hi Ji Won lead other actors, actresses, and crew members to create such a happy working environment.

Ha Ji Won and Lee Seung Gi are very serious and in tune with their characters while filming. However, once the cameras are turned off, they joke, play harmless pranks, and take funny pictures of each other and everyone else on the set. Whenever they cannot hold their laughters and make mistakes during filming, they play it off calmly and naturally as if it was what they originally tried to do. This allows other crew members to loosen up a little bit and enjoy a laughter, too. The duo does not stop joking and laughing even while they are monitoring previously filmed scenes.

In the revealed photo, Ha Ji Won is hiding behind actor Jung Man Sik and smiling at the camera. Also, there are many pictures of her signaling V at the camera, as it is what she does whenever she spots a camera during breaks. Such playfulness of Ha Ji Won and Lee Seung Gi made even the most strict elderly actor Lee Soon Jae. Lee Seung Gi even got producer Lee Jae Gyu to make a funny pose in front of a camera with him. 

Such friendliness and playfulness on the filming sets of “The King 2Hearts” is bringing all cast and crew members close together throughout busy and difficult filming that takes place almost all over Korea. The friendship and camaraderie are also fueling everyone’s passion to make a better show together.

An official from producing company Kim Jong Hak Production Co. commented, “Everyone became such good friends after two months of filming. They enjoy casual conversation and take silly pictures together during breaks. Such liveliness brings everyone closer together and we expect it to contribute to making a quality show.”