“The Last Empress” will be adding more episodes!

Last month, it was revealed that the drama is in talks for an extension.

On February 11, the production team of “The Last Empress” confirmed that it will be extended by four episodes, making it 52 episodes rather than 48 episodes.

Two 30-minute episodes air on every Wednesday and Thursday, meaning that the drama will be extended a week to end on February 21.

A production staff member commented, “With the decision of a four-episode extension, the actors and staff are pouring in all their energy into every scene for a successful conclusion,” and promised plenty of excitement in the upcoming episodes.

Following the conclusion of “The Last Empress,” “Big Issue” starring Joo Jin Mo and Han Ye Seul will take over its time slot on March 6.

Check out the latest episode of “The Last Empress” below:

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