The Moon That Embraces the Sun” ended this week to much sadness and happiness from fans and the cast alike. It is a bonafide “national” drama, hitting ratings in the 40 percentile, and catapulting its cast to stardom and commercial success.

In step with tradition, the cast and staff of the drama held a farewell party at the end of filming, and it is reported that all members of the cast were present, from the child actors to their older counterparts, and supporting actors as well.

The director of the drama stated, “When we first started, we weren’t sure this drama would succeed but I am glad that everything turned out well” and “I also hope that we all grew through this drama.”

Jung Il Woo, who played the part of Yang Myung, the half-brother of King Hwon, commented, “I was happy being Yang Myung for three months” and “I am really thankful to the staff and fellow actors.”

Kim Soo Hyun, who played King Hwon, stated, “It was a pleasure playing Yi Hwon” and “I was very happy to receive so much love and interest from everyone through this drama.”

The new MBC drama, “The King: 2 Hearts,” starring Lee Seung Gi and Ha Ji Won follows this drama. It will air its first episode on March 21.