Check out the preview for the final episode below!

Bo Kyung’s father: I will let you slay the King’s head.
Yang Myung: I will gladly do so.
Yang Myung: Yah!!!!!!!

Bo Kyung: Ever since I first met your majesty…the only thing I ever wanted was…your majesty’s heart…

Yeon Woo: Where is this place?
Yeon Woo’s mother: Are you really Yeon Woo?

Yeom & Princess Min Hwa’s son: Mother?
Princess Min Hwa: I wanted to see him…just one last time…I miss him so much…

Jan Shil: Please don’t go No Kyung…Please don’t leave me behind…

Hwon: Who are you? Tell me, what is your identity?
Yeon Woo: I am Yeon Woo, your majesty’s wife and this country’s mother (Queen). 

The Moon that Embraces the Sun” will air its final episode tonight, March 15, at 9:55PM KST. Meanwhile, the ratings for yesterday’s episode saw a slight dip, dropping to 38.7% (AGB Nielsesn), a 2.5% decrease from the eighteenth episode.