It’s been revealed that the two Yeon Woos from “The Moon that Embraces the Sun’s” have teamed up for a new CF. Over the years, Han Ga In has been the face of Samsung Hauzen washing machine. Recently, Samsung Hauzen decided to sign both Han Ga In and Kim Yoo Jung as its latest endorsement models for its washing machine.

The two stars have already completed filming at a studio in Kangnam last week. The shoot took place in utmost secrecy on March 9. Security around the studio was extremely tight, as no one other than those involved were allowed in. The cast and crew were also restricted from taking any commemorative photos. It’s been said that everything about the CF – the cast, concept, storyboard, etc – has been well sealed from the public. Samsung Hauzen has yet to reveal the concept of the shoot. The secrecy has also piqued netizens’ interest, and many are anticipating great chemistry between the two. 

Kim Yoo Jung starred as Han Ga In’s younger counterpart in the popular series “The Moon that Embraces the Sun.” The child actress received much praise and love for her charismatic acting. Kim Yoo Jung, along with the other child actors, singlehandedly raised the expectations for the drama, achieving unprecedented viewership ratings before the main actors even made their appearances.  Han Ga In made her grand entrance as Wol/Yeon Woo in the seventh episode, taking over the reigns from Kim Yoo Jung. Initially, she received criticism for her acting but has managed to capture the viewers’ hearts over the episodes. 

Han Ga In and Kim Yoo Jung’s CF is currently in the post-production stages and will be unveiled soon. Meanwhile, “The Moon that Embraces the Sun” will air its 19th episode on Wednesday, March 14. Check out the preview with subs here